I tried the SC4 in church today, and enjoyed the sound it made and the ease with which I produced it. I'm probably going to spend the rest of my life switching between it and the SC3 trying to decide which I prefer! The SC4 is probably the more comfortable. The SC6 is an interesting piece; I'm a player of very moderate ability but in the privacy of my own room it took me to above double C - I've never been there before.
Edward A. Thornton, UK


I bought a mouthpiece from you, SC-6, at ITG last year. I had normally been using Reeves and Hammond mouthpieces for lead/commercial situations but since using the SC-6 for the summer and the fall semester, my playing has changed greatly! It offers so much comfort and reliability. I'm looking to purchase, sometime in the near future, a mouthpiece to use for classical solos, Wind Ensembles/Orchestras, and pit orchestras. I currently use a Reeves 43W/B3. I love the wide diameter and thick rim that the Reeves and now the Callet provides. I would like the same feeling from the Reeves in a wide, think, and now deep Callet mouthpiece. Would the SC-3 be a good option for that? I don't need something that can do classical AND lead since my SC-6 is great for lead. I would just like something for classical and maybe pops concerts. What would be your choice? Thanks!
Matt Schiessl


I had a great rehearsal with the Bach B Minor mass...as I was playing, I kept getting stronger and stronger as the rehearsal went on! It was very cool indeed I wanted to let you know. I'll let you know when the mouthpieces arrive. Perhaps lesson on Saturday? It would be good to work with you while I have both mouthpieces before I return one. Let me know. Thanks again, Jerry. You are awesome.
Mark Weakley


The trumpet that I kept is very good. The sound and the tone is fantastic. Before I played with a trumpet Bach. The big difference is the flexibility when I played.Congratulations about the beautiful instrument that you product.
David Bonvin, Switzerland


Wow... Recently picked up a Superchops 3 and hands down the best mouthpiece I have ever played! From GR, Bach, Warburton, Monette etc. I absolutely love the Superchops 3. Although slightly deeper than previous mouthpieces I have played, I find yours is easier and my sounds is just fantastic. Many thanks.
Kris (London)


What a great horn! Two rehearsals this week and I was able to put it through it’s paces….it cuts through the section slightly better than the lacquer one in the Latin band….still like the lacquer one for more intimate settings (something about that horn still makes it special)….extremely happy with both horns! I couldn’t have dreamed of having them without your willingness to sell my horns for me. Many thanks for your kindness.
Charlie Schneeweis


Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me spend 4 wonderful days with you. Jerome, you are amazing teacher and I feel truly blessed to have had this opportunity to study with you. Thank you for giving me back my love of the trumpet. My playing has improved incredibly under your watchful eye! Thank you for all your guidance, as well as patience – truly outstanding. Take care and I will stay in touch.
Gary K. Thomas


It was GREAT talking to you. Thanks for the prompt service. I love the mouthpiece. Like you said – it’s a different blow with this particular piece but it is very comfortable. Thank you again.
Robert Ceccarini


Speaking about the SIMA I recently purchased, I am very satisfied – it is a SUPER TRUMPET. Thank you very much!
Rinus Zuidweg (The Neterlands)


Well, I just marked the one year anniversary of getting my SIMA, and what a year of playing it has been!
It’s been the best, most productive and fun of my life. Even as lately as this past Tuesday a sub in the trumpet section after I played a fairly effortless double high D said "That's insane". I've played plenty of those before but never with as much ease as with this horn and I always give credit to the horn itself. And that's something that I really appreciate as I'm getting up there in years. Some of my other favorite comments from people in the audience and players in the bands have been "Are you even human?", "You scared the #)(&^ out of me when you came in." and "Your sound is like nails." As a lead player I think that one is my favorite.
I'm just a player who doesn't know the scientific and technical stuff behind the horn itself but I can't argue with the results I get using it. I know this kind of sounds like a commercial but I can't help it, I love playing this thing and look forward to many more anniversaries with it.
Scott Thompson