Master Superchops:
The Legacy of Jerome Callet

A falling embouchure makes it impossible for a performer to focus on the melodic portion of a production. One has to start at the beginning and address the underlying issues in order to properly master brass instruments.

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About Jerome Callet

Jerome was born on April 24th, 1930 in Pittsburgh. He started learning the trumpet at the age of thirteen at Junior High after being influenced by two other classmates. Even after studying with a number of renowned and skilled trumpet teachers in the area and devoting himself to learn, Jerome was still unable to play a high C at the age of thirty. After years of difficulty, Jerome started looking into the physical components needed to create a "Super Power Embouchure." After considerable experimentation and at the age of forty, Jerome had created his new embouchure and gave it the moniker Superchops. He finally embarked on a mission to create the finest trumpets and mouthpieces on the market.


The superb embouchure technique for all brass musicians, including trumpeters. This unrivaled technique of trumpet playing has returned back to the public eye in cooperation with the Callet estate, and it has not been equaled. Learn his method for a bigger, louder, more stable upper register with equal amounts of stamina.

What is Superchops?

The only physical skill needed to play brass with the best smoothness and quality is superchops. The ability to produce robust, focused, and crisp tones in all levels with excellent pitch without straining or overblowing is the key to becoming a competent brass player, even if it has nothing to do with true melody.

Where Can I Learn More?

The world is at your disposal through the power of the internet. With visual aids and videos from Youtube, you can get a step-by-step tutorial. Alternativly you may use a website like Wikihow that provides a written explanation and pictures. These are all options, however, nobody else is teaching the hidden secrets that are contained within the Superchops book.

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Jerome Callet is the greatest living brass teacher, with an army of students from all over the world who play with unparalleled tone quality, range, and endurance, in all musical styles. Jerome, who is now in his mid-80's (as of 2015), grew up in Pittsburg, and attended the same public school as trumpeters Tommy Turrentine (brother of Stanley Turrentine) and Cal Massey (who later wrote music for John Coltrane and Freddie Hubbard).

Dillon Music

I bought a Callet Jazz trumpet new almost 20 years ago and it came with the DT-10 mouthpiece. The best trumpet I ever owned plus I've used this same mouthpiece ever since. [...] Imagine then my delight at finding this has now been remade! What I love about this mouthpiece is the large soft rim and the great intonation and projection. Don't be fooled by the shallow cup - sure this will deliver power and range but also warmth and rich tone. Perfect for super C but also pedal C. A truly great mouthpiece.

Sterling Lawyers

Everything that Callet does is phenomenal. Thank you for always working so hard to allow people to become the best brass player that they can be. Without the help of your books, I don't know where I would be at in terms of skill level. The insight that I have gained from you cannot be measured. I will be buying more copies of your book to give to my friends that also play the trumpet.

Horn Matter

I bought Jerome’s books and DVDs and had a lesson with him on the phone, as well as one in person when he visited a friend in Düsseldorf in March of 2008. The most immediate and significant change for me was a 70%reduction of embouchure energy expenditure.