Finally, one specially designed trumpet mouthpiece to improve performance AND embouchure development in ALL venues! More than 50 years in development, the Callet SC6 is in the ultimate mouthpiece for every serious trumpet player – lead, classical, latin, or jazz. Pick up your trumpet, then play without warm-up, inhale a small amount of air, and precisely deliver every note from double pedal C to triple high C - in-tune with decreased air and effort!
No more practicing for hours with slight improvement. The SC6 mouthpiece performs with ease, perfect balance, and precisely centered pitch in all registers. Do not buy new mouthpiece until you phone and listen to me, at 82 years old, play “Hot Canary” without strain. You too can increase all your abilities. Superchops and the amazing SC6, the contemporary way to play in every range without strain.
I, Jerry Callet, was a trumpet failure for 25 years before I developed Super Chops. My new SC6 mouthpiece will help all players to develop beyond their wildest dreams. Your favorite players and even your most respected professors cannot play like this – but you can! The SC6 will unleash your super playing abilities. The price I only $125 ( and your diligent effort).
Thoroughly tested and proven by world renowned artists in every playing style.
Jerome Callet (1-718-477-5803,


Hi, just a quick note to tell you that I am enjoying my SIMA more and more every day. Its sound is, to my ears, like an iron fist in a velvet glove, so powerful and full and yet so smooth and warm. I will put my other trumpets (well, most of them) on market because the SIMA is really a superior horn, once you’ve tried one you can’t go back. The intonation is so damn perfect, it almost scares me: I’ve never been so perfectly in tune before, I’ve always struggled a little to lip notes a bit up/down.
I wish you a very happy new year and please bring my best wishes and respects to Mr. Callet too for his wonderful creation.
Luigi De Angelis, Italy


I played the SIMA in church Sunday and it was very nice. Easier to play/more in tune than my other C. Definitely less effort in general. Perhaps a bit brighter and better projection, though I chose shallower pieces including the SC4, so some of the brightness is because of that. I played deeper pieces with larger back ends on my other C (an ML) because it felt tight. Funny, the SIMA, smaller bored, with smaller pieces, didn't feel tight at all. Anyway, I am content this horn will be fine. Thanks!
Asher Hockett


We are very pleased to report that Chris Jaudes, after much more extended time with his new SIMA Bb, is more pleased than ever. In addition to his lead work with Paul Anka, he is now using it exclusively in his Broadway, Las Vegas, and Julliard work. Jerry and I are very pleased that Chris is now recommending the SIMA to his students worldwide. Christian Haag, a fine player from Germany, just sent the following email with his order:
"I have a lot of respect, Mr. Callet, towards your contribution to general knowledge and understanding of trumpet playing. As I have been studying your findings and knowledge from your books and via Chris Jaudes, I feel related to you and therefore allow myself to address you like an old friend. Chris Jaudes brought his new Callet SIMA to a lesson I had with him. He wanted me to try it out. I immediately noticed what a great horn I had in my hands. I understood it would take a few days to get used to it and learn to actually use the efficiency of the horn for my playing. But, it was clear to me after a very short time that it would be easy to adapt to. It is really a great horn! I am deeply impressed by the idea to use “old” trumpet design ideas to create a very modern instrument. The more I think about your ideas (I read all the reports on the internet), the SIMA's advantages just makes sense, period! I have ordered a SIMA in silver plate and will have Chris personally select one for me. As a great player, Chris is very busy so I have no idea when he will do the testing but I'm happy to wait. Thank you!!!"
If anyone has questions about Jerry's SIMA trumpets please email me anytime:
Best to all, Kyle Shmeer


Wow, these birthdays just keep coming around don’t they but I suppose that’s a good thing . As I have probably mentioned every year, I will be forever grateful for your friendship and your trumpet instruction. Relearning how to play has been a long road and, without a doubt, I haven’t arrived yet. With the tools you have given me however, I continue to improve and I truly believe, if I live long enough, I will become an exceptional player. As I learn to relax more, I find this technique to work all the better but, of course, you already know all that! Anyway, as I continue to reach new heights, I never forget how it was you that showed me the way. God bless you on this special day and for many more to come.
Ken Barnes


Okay Jerry! I do plan to schedule a lesson with you in the very near future! I do have very good range and endurance in what I call the "money" range - Low F# to Double G. I can play double A', B, and C's as well and am continuing my practice to make the sound thicker and more musical. As a commercial trumpet player my goals continue to include quality of sound as well as range. Because I'm playing a variety of musical styles I have to practice the entire range of the instrument. It appears that my lower lip strength is improving albeit steadily and as I continue moving forward I can see the improvement. The reason I asked about a shallower mouthpiece is because my roll in has improved to a point where I feel I could handle a shallower mouthpiece. If you have a shallower SC6 I would like to try it at my next lesson.  83 years old!!! God bless you Jerry!
Ray Rosario


I have been playing trumpet professionally for 10 years and in that time I have struggled to make good decisions about mouthpieces. For a long time I was confused about finding a balance between having a good tone and ease of playing in the high register. With the aid of The Master Superchops DVD and Mr Callet's SC4 mouthpiece I am currently playing better than ever. One year ago there were 8 mouthpieces that I would swap between all of the time to attempt to adjust my playing in some way. Since discovering the Superchops embouchure and mouthpiece I have not been tempted to use anything else. Now I use less than half the effort and sound great in all different styles; plus I never wake up with swollen lips any more! 
Richard Colquhoun


I just got back from the ITG convention where there was a whole ballroom of trumpets. I was on a mission to play every horn that I had suspicions were special for the kind of playing I do. I feel fortunate to have been able to go back and forth between these horns multiple times over two days and get a feel for the uniqueness they each had to offer. What a pleasure to be able to test the Schilke Handcrafts and B1, the Adams A1 and A9, the Kanstul 1600, 1601, 1502, and 991, a lovely discontinued Selmer Concept, a couple of different Marcinkiewicz models, some Scodwel selections and the belle of the ball, the Callet SIMA. There was a particular feeling of arriving home when I'd come back to Jerry and Kyle's unassuming booth and pick up a particular one of the three SIMAs they had there and just blow. It is an easy trumpet to play. The notes don't have to be found or coerced in any way. While it slots tighter than the Callet Jazz horn I've come to think of as my prize possession, I felt the kind of confidence I get on those days when I'm feeling strong enough to be playing every note in tune. Maybe it was the mouthpiece they let me use? (SC3s) It felt like I could really wail if I needed to do that - strong G's and A's above C that slotted easily (enough guys there doing it for comparison) but gentle enough to whisper in gigs where I'm playing with an acoustic guitar. I kept coming back to this trumpet because it was the easiest tool with which to play notes. While all the horns I tried and re-tried had their own personalities and strengths, the SIMA now lives with me.
Charles Schneeweis


I am a collage trumpet and music theory instructor, and while I have studied classical all these years, the majority of my performing is currently pop/rock with my band. ITG 2013 was conveniently in my hometown, and since the band had recently been telling me I should look for a brighter horn, I decides, what better time to try out trumpets. I tried about 5-6 different trumpets, and after striking up a conversation with a stranger and telling him what I was looking for, he literally dragged me to see Jerome Callet. I tried two silver SIMA trumpets with a Callet SC4 mouthpiece. I loved the SIMA, but left to try a few others. Those others didn't compare to the SIMA. I went back to the Callet booth, where Jerry offered to give me a lesson on the SIMA. By the end of the day, the horn was mine. The stranger (Mr. Charles Schneeweis) who had led me to Jerry's booth had also purchased a SIMA.
I love this trumpet, and I'm really making progress with Jerry's SIMA trumpet and mouthpiece. This horn is so easy to play in all registers. The pedal range is brilliant, mid range is great, and the high notes pop right out! Slotting is perfect, intonation is solid. It's exactly the bright sound I wanted for playing with the band, and the horn doesn't fight me. I don't miss the first valve hook. The one thing that's taken me some time to get used to is the "upside down" third valve slide. I have small hands and it's a little awkward. But I hardly need it, anyway. It's there for a reason, yes, but it doesn't get near the workout that my Bachs did.
The horn plays so well, I feel like I'm cheating. I thought I would use the SIMA for the band and keep a Strad in my office for teaching at the college... but I'm seriously considering buying a second SIMA. I would like to play it for everything. The SIMA has no bells and whistles - it's stripped down to a solid, awesome horn. I'm so happy I attended ITG, otherwise I would have never gotten to try it!
Lisa J. Kacos


I just wanted extend my thanks to you once again for taking the time of your schedule to talk to me yesterday. The energy and intensity with which you pursue all of life’s challenges is a great inspiration to me and I hope to learn much more from you in the future. Furthermore, knowing that there is hope for my poor and ailing trumpet abilities is terrifying and exciting prospect. Once that I know with hard work I can overcome. The greatest things in this life are earned! I will meet you after October in NYC!
Matthew Tolbert


Dear Mr. Callet,
It has been a long time...
I think of you and your technique research quite often!
I hope this message finds you well.
Here, as a little entertainment, 2 videos with my student Roman Schneider
playing some solos with your great SIMA Bb trumpet.
I still regularly play your SIMAs, the Bb almost every day!
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so I wish a beautiful day.
Greetings to your wife as well.
Best regards,
Olivier Anthony Theurillat Switzerland


I just had my first few gigs (all big band) with my SIMA this past week. Of course I’ve been practicing on it every day but as you all know, playing a gig is different so I wanted to wait until I got some in. After spending a month with to get a little of the bloom off the rose so to speak, I can say honestly that it’s the most amazing horn in terms of projection, tone, intonation and ease of blow that I’ve ever played, including my Superchops. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm going to retire my Superchops horn and put in the case for good. I can’t believe I said that! Here’s some of the feedback I’ve gotten from people who have heard me play for the last 25 years.
At public gigs a lot of times (most of the time really) musicians from other groups that you play in come to listen if they don’t happen to play in the particular group that is playing that night. This was the case with the first gig I played last week but he was on the job for Friday’s gig. He’s a regular at that gig (and a Bari player to boot) and asked me if I got a new horn. I told him yes and he said “I thought so, your sound was so brilliant, you were just killing it.” He had no idea I got a new horn.
The trumpet player I call my right hand man because he plays the solo book in four of the big bands I play in said this at the first gig of the week, and he was on all three. He’s heard me do my pre-gig routine for years and years. It’s always with a Harmon because we rarely get a green room and I always do arpeggios up to double C. On the first gig I’m doing it and I get to the C and he said (he had forgotten I had the new horn) “Holy cow, that’s with a Harmon in? Oh that’s right you got a new horn.” A really great conversation about the horn ensued after that. Third gig of the week with him and him having heard the same thing each time when I got to the C he said “That’s just amazing.”
I'm a 7-12 grade teacher and I have never let any student even touch any of my horns, but I couldn't help myself with this one, I had to let them try it. The kids at school knew why I was gone on the day I went to see Mr. Callet to get "fitted" for a horn so of course they asked me about it. I let a couple of my trumpet students play my SIMA. They’re in 11th grade and decent players for high school. After the first one played a couple of notes she just pulled it away and looked at it with huge eyes and just said “Wow!” (She plays a Bach Strad.) The other kid, who’s a stronger player but plays a student model Yamaha said “Holy crap! I didn’t know playing a different trumpet could make such a big difference.” And then really good discussion about trumpets took place. (Teachers call it a teaching moment)
The last thing I'll say about the SIMA is that when I was on my first gig with it, I could hear myself on the mouthpiece end of it better than any trumpet I've ever played. I'd love to hear it out front.
Scott Thompson