We received a wonderful feedback from Peter Masseurs, long time principal trumpet with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.
“During my career, I’ve owned nearly every C trumpet. This SIMA C is truly marvelous - the best I’ve ever played. Never before have I played a trumpet with such perfect intonation, rich and centered tone, and evenness of registers top to bottom.The new tuning slide which is slightly shorter than original one just came in and it’s even more fantastic! Makes the entire trumpet more brilliant and brighter. Its vibration is super. The overall range from low to high G above high C, is easy to do. Never like this on a previous C trumpet for me. You’ve made me very happy."


I have just played the SIMA D trumpet at the orchestra rehearsal. It has rich overtones, and I think nobody around me noticed that I used the D trumpet instead of a piccolo trumpet. Intonation is excellently balanced and easy to play. So wonderful than I expected. Thank you very much!
Katsuhisa Ishikawa, Japan


I thought you'd be pleased to hear about my progress with Master Superchops embouchure with the SC3s mouthpiece. At a recent lesson with my teacher I asked him to listen and comment on how I sounded on various mouthpieces. He loved how I sounded on the SC3s. We were in the university's band rehearsal room, with me at one end and him at the other. I wasinterested in what he thought of my quick articulations, especially while double-tonguing. He pointed out that I sounded cleaner, clearer, and projected better when I backed off of the air. He was amazed at what a beautiful, solid sound I got on the SC3s. He felt that I was much more comfortable playing the trumpet and my playing was sounding effortless. This past week, my wife commented that I was sounding more musical; I was shaping the phrases better. Thank you for making this possible. 
Jerry Sussman


Received the SC3s mouthpiece and I hear a big difference from my Yamaha Bobby Shew lead mouthpiece. The high register is much fatter and crisper. My lip seems much more relaxed when I play. Before, I was exerting much more pressure. Now, the high register seems almost effortless to play. I love this mouthpiece! I'm retiring the Bobby Shew mouthpiece. 
Nick S. NY

*The SC3s is an exact copy of a standard SC3 but with an extra shallow cup like a SC6. Please visit http://www.callettrumpets.com/Mouthpieces.htm.

As I was playing a Schilke X-6 model I expected to feel resistance from SIMA, but none was there - the horn just feels more comfortable. I always believed that bigger bore = bigger sound but now I am a believer that BORE is not a determining factor in sound. I am glad you made this fabulous step in trumpet evolution.
Bill Sheehan


I delayed payment to be perfectly honest because I thought this mouthpiece was too good to be true. I have concluded that this mouthpiece design increases compression without sacrificing center of pitch, sound quality and/or timbre beyond any shadow of doubt!
I have tested the mouthpiece playing club-dates, church gigs, a two hour non-stop jazz trio gig and found this mouthpiece to be the best general purpose mouthpiece that I have ever played. The intonation is perfect. I have tested the SC6 on my Callet Jazz, King Silverflair, Besson MEHA C Trumpet, Yamaha 6345S, and my Bach Strad-ML. While these horns have different characteristics the SC6 brings out the best in each horn! Thanks Jerry!
Ray Rosario
*SC6 mouthpice: please visit http://www.callettrumpets.com/Mouthpieces.htm for information.


The 37th Annual Conference of the International Trumpet Guild was held in the historic city of Columbus, Georgia, USA. Performances and clinics were hosted in the state-of-the art River Center while the newly renovated and stunning Columbus Convention Center housed the vendor exhibits. The ITG is a wonderful venue to introduce SIMA trumpets and SC mouthpieces to a new audience, but as always, the highlights of this annual conference were the countless war stories shared with old friends. Sure, many of the stories have been heard before but each retelling brings its own hysterics. The camaraderie in the industry is remarkable and great pleasure not to be missed. Please visit http://www.callettrumpets.com/itg_2012.htm for more stories and photos.
Kyle Schmeer


The SC6 mouthpiece arrived in Thursday afternoon's mail, and I played it that evening at a concert band rehearsal. At the end of the rehearsal, I asked the conductor if he could hear me. (We rehearse in a high school band room that is heavily damped -- thick carpet, fabric covered foam chairs.) He told me he could hear me great; my sound really cut, especially above the staff, and that he liked it better than what I was playing the week before. The beauty of all this is that it's the easiest mouthpiece I've ever played. At the rehearsal, I was taking it very relaxed. That sure is some mouthpiece. It fits my face better than the SC3s.
Oh, at my last lesson, I lent my teacher ( San Diego Symphony, 2nd trumpet) my SC3s. He liked it a lot when he tried it on his Bb and is considering using it on his D trumpet. I suggested he might also try my SC3, but I didn't have it with me; I'll bring it to my next lesson. I also want him to hear me on my new SC6. He loves how I sound on the original SC1, and I want him to compare my sound on the SC6.
Jerry Sussman


I received the mouthpieces yesterday and they are simply AMAZING!!! They really put my Schilke 6A4A to shame. Hopefully I will be able to sell some of my current trumpets so that I can afford the SIMA trumpet. Thanks again for great service and some amazing mouthpieces.
Bjorn Sveindal, Norway


The SIMA arrived yesterday and I am loving it! Exceeded all my expectations. Been playing it non-stop since I got home from work yesterday. Works so well with the SC3 mouthpiece! Can't wait to see the DVD and listen to the music CD you gave me. Thanks so much for working with me with the payments and everything and for the super fast shipment!
Chris Yim


I just came back home in Israel after 2 months lessons with you. This morning I played for 30 minutes. I could attack with very good embouchure. The first note came out of my bell was the high D with no pressure and it was very easy to attack each note. I think I really discovered something new. Your method of embouchure is awesome! THANK YOU – once again.
Tal, Israel