Teaching my method is a joyful part of my life! Regardless of how young or old, or at which level of musicianship they are, I enjoy helping my students grow and improve their technique. In addition to trumpet players, I have taught my method to all types of brass musicians and flutists around the world.

Lessons are conducted at Jerry’s Studio.

Fees: $50.00/hour (check, money order or cash)

"In the initial telephone lesson I will ask you to play a series of simple scales. This allows me to pinpoint your strengths as well as your weaknesses. In a matter of minutes I will be able to guide you towards developing your technique to become a more powerful player."
                                                                             - Jerry

Please call or email for an appointment.

Fees: $30.00/30minutes (check, money order or PayPal)

Note: Jerry offers your first lesson over the phone for free.
All DVD purchasers receive one free phone lesson.

Please Contact us.

Master Superchops Embouchure Clinics are conducted as individual lessons with the entire class observing.
Please visit Clinic Reports for reports and photos.

Fees: $600.00/day (~6 hours), hotel & transportation not included.
Long distance: 2 days minimum

Please call or email for more information.