* Some feedback from initial testers ( as of January 25th, 2015 )*
Tony Perruso, NJ - trumpet soloist with Bon Jovi, Max Weinberg, and Lorenza Ponce: "The most powerful sound ever, and very easy to play!"
John Liddle - one of Toronto's most prominent concert band soloists and conductors: "The other trumpet players have been amazed with the power and beauty of the new Soloist."
Quentin Ware, Nashville - with BB King, formerly with James Brown and Ray Charles: "Beautiful sound, super power and projection."
John Liddle has graciously posted a video on YouTube of a recent performance using his New York Soloist trumpet. Note, John is playing with no additional mic.
Please add your comments to his YouTube page. John will look forward to your feedback


Several delightful phone conversations with Jerry C. gave me very high expectations, and his just-released New York Soloist truly met them! Months ago I played a friend's Callet Jazz, was really impressed, and got motivated. Then the guy let me play on his Superchops mouthpiece. So I bought the SC4 mouthpiece and loved it.
Ordering the Callet "N Y Soloist" was the next step. What a smooth joy to play! It works better for me than my Calicchio 1SZ (over-sized bronze bell)... produces a darker/clear sound, but that's what I was looking for. The gold lacquer is beautiful - an attention-getting look! Getting used to that under-slung 3rd valve kick slide has been a chore, but the Soloist is my new primary horn, with no plans to search further.
Rick de Treville


After every trial I went back to my Bach 1C and have used it for the last †40 years. Then friend of mine came to church with your new Superchops 8.† I am nothing short of amazed.† I have never had a mouthpiece improve my playing like that.† I have the same bottom the 1C gave me, without sacrificing sound.† I have even more of a comfortable top than the 14a4a gave me, and with better sound.† The timbre is consistent through the whole range. After the first week of trial, I have not played my 1C or 14a4a since I got your 8.† The mouthpiece will not play the horn for me, but you have given me a tool that makes my job easier and a lot more satisfying.† Other friend of mine tried my mouthpiece and got one as well. Thanks much.
Howard Lawler


It is wonderful mouthpiece. I am happy to have Superchops 8 mpc. I am 50 years old amateur player and have about 40 years career. I have been trying large, medium and shallow cups and small throat last 10 years. Now Superchops 8 is the best mouthpiece for me. Thank you.
Atsuhiro Matsuura      Japan


I do like the horn and, as good as my SIMA is, this one is even better. Itís definitely a keeper. Many years ago, Bach used to advertise that you could feel their Stradivarius vibrate in your hand. Well, I never did but I sure can feel this horn vibrating. It really comes alive, especially when you use your playing technique on it. So, thanks for another great Callet instrument. Have a good Memorial Day weekend!
Ken Barnes


For whatever the reasons is I† was not successful at getting the MSC to work for me. Some learning because of past learning can be very difficult as you well know. I went back to my old way of blowing using too much air and pressure but as the years wore on it became less rewarding rather than more so I quit trumpet for five years and worked on saxophone. The experience was more rewarding than trumpet because I could improve day by day. Then, about five years ago I restarted trumpet very slowly. It has proved to be a long haul and with all of the roads I tried, none even with consistent diligent practice really yielded the results I was looking for!
Quite by accident three days ago I hit on your YouTube discs and took the time to listen, observe, and of course tried. "When the student is ready the teacher will appear." I was not ready twenty years ago but now with three days of practice I have actually made noticeable progress. I really believe that with work I will one day play significantly better and find joy in the sounds produced and also the journey of doing it. I figured you would want to know of my efforts again to one day play and also to say thank you for what I really believe will happen because of your teaching.
Don Hofmeister