This is my everydays practice with the SIMA trumpet.
- Jerome Callet (Jan.1st, 2010)

We normally have a chance to talk during the West Chester Trumpet Festival (as I get a full range of history and trumpet knowledge from you each time, and enjoy our time together immensely), but this year I can't make it out as I'll be in Portugal - doing a little playing. I'm still spit buzzing and I incorporate several ideas of your teachings - as you may recall, it wasn't too far off from what I was doing before. But, your tutorial and time you spent with me has helped! Even though I don't play on your equipment, you have always treated me with kindness and a willingness to share your knowledge. Not too many people do that in today's world! Thank you.I look forward to seeing you again someday very soon!
All the best in 2010 and beyond.
James Ackley


After West Chester Trumpet Festival (Jan.30-31), one of the guest players from Switzerland, Olivier Anthony Theurillat (Principal Trumpet of Berne Symphony Orchestra, Professor of Lausanne Conservatoire), visited Jerry’s studio with his 2 students, Johan Dubi and Cyril Ledermann. They had lessons/discussion with Jerry in the morning and tried the SIMA trumpets in the afternoon. After a lot of fun playing everyone found their favorite horns at the end of the day.

Cyril Ledermann, Professor Theurillat, Johan Dubi
Dear Mr. Callet,
I just arrived in Switzerland.
My students and I were so happy to have had the chance of meeting you. Your technique tips, your dedication to the trumpet and the music, well, we will remain inspired by your great passion. Thank you so much for such a great moment. I wish you all the best and hope to see you next time when I am in the US.

Olivier Anthony Theurillat
Berne Symphony Orchestra, Principal Trumpet
Lausanne Conservatoire, Professor for Trumpet and Conductor of "Brass and Rhythm"


Since a couple of weeks now, I have more experience with your technique and your SIMA trumpet. I must be very grateful and thankful: I have really improved since I met you! The tongue (curled) in between the teeth, that's the secret!
Results: my sound is more centered, my high register is more secure, my endurance has grown, my staccato is clearer and quicker, my projection is more efficient, my intonation is easier (less use of alternate fingering). Well, you see, a big success!
These last weeks, I was busy with different types of theater productions and I have used your SIMA for Sweet Charity (beautiful sounding high F!) and Tchaikovsky's Eugen Onegin (powerful sound but supple as well). The other positive thing is the use of your technique with my 5 students.
Cyril and Johan went on developing, the other 3 are now on the rail too, with good results already. Well, this meeting with you was a gift!
Best wishes to you,
Olivier Theurillat


The SIMA works perfect, great sound and projection, I played it for a 5 hour big band rehearsal (only Buddy Rich charts, 120 B.R. charts in our book) last Sunday and my endurance was stunning. With the Callichio and 8310Z I was completely exhausted.
Andreas Svejeback, Sweden
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Thank you for your prompt shipment of the Superchops 4 cornet mouthpiece. I have played/tried many mouthpieces over the years and find your Superchops 4 ( both trumpet and cornet ) to be superior in their brilliance, clarity, range and pure play ability ( better than Bach, Parduba, Schilke etc.). I will show off my new cornet mouthpiece tonight at concert band practice. Thanks again!
Michael S. Ramoge, PA

I just wanted to write you a short note to tell you "THANKS" for developing your DVD and explaining how to start Master SuperChops. I appreciate all the information you have been willing to share with us trumpet players. I watched your DVDs about 3 months ago and started the Spit Buzzing and jumped in and got going. I am now starting to get the hang of it and I can see there is soooo . . much more potential in playing the trumpet with your approach. I am excited about playing again.Thanks very much for your help.
Danny Bell, UT

I talked to you a couple of months ago, and you convinced me to try a Superchops 3 mouthpiece. After playing a Parduba HJ5 for 40 years, I was anxious to see what difference there might be. I knew within 5 minutes that the Superchops 3 had elevated my playing. My attack is much cleaner in all registers. The upper range was cleaner, fuller and I did not have to “lip” certain tones to pitch. I went out the next day and played a Dixieland concert without tiring and feeling like I had to overblow. Thank you so much for your knowledge and craftsmanship.
Chuck Par-Due, OR

Just to say thank you for a wonderful trumpet. The SIMA D/Eb blows beautifully and is at home in all registers and all styles. I am absolutely delighted with this trumpet.
Jerry Clack, UK

I have been doing Superchops for several months and I must say it is working out very well. I play the piccolo better than ever before. I agree upon your idea that it is better to use a smaller mouthpiece. I do it on every instrument. I play in a British style brass band and you need a deep mouthpiece to get the typical British sound. I can switch mouthpiece more easily and play more flexible and powerful. It is to me the Holy Grail to brass playing. I do get tired at some point. I feel it in my jaw and tongue but I never hurt lips like before studying Superchops. Thank you so much. You should get more credit. The fun part is that you can play your sound with more brilliance or darkening. It is more fun than ever. I still have to work my way up to super C but I have got a solid G. Mr. Callet, you gave me wings.
Frank de Boer, Netherlands

Thanks for the prompt shipment !
I have started rehearsing with an orchestra for the next concert (The Golden Cockerel - Rimsky Korsakov and Firebird - Stravinsky) and I have put the SIMA C to good use already.
After all, there are a lot of horns out there, and some of them are actually really good in certain contexts. But which horn is the one to have when you want the best tool for everything you need to play? Problem solved ! The SIMA horn. I own both the C and Bb versions and I have to say that those horns make playing so much easier. it's unreal. Bright or mellow, soft or loud, legatissimo or staccato it's there. It is marvelously responsive, centered and so in tune (yes, the trumpet CAN be a perfectly tuned instrument ! ). All of a sudden my concept of what is possible has expanded dramatically.
Thanks again. I am a happy trumpeter with your horns !
Thomas Granet


My new SC3 mouthpiece came and I must say it's an extraordinary mouthpiece.
When I told you that I played in Rudy Muck you told me I'd play easier in SC3. It was true - my technique has increased in both low register and high register, also the volume and sound quality have improved. I am very grateful for your valuable help. Thank you very much,.
Tulio Pompeu
São Paulo - Brazil