Produced and Directed by Jerome Callet
Coordinated by Dr. Kyle Schmeer, DMA

Video Clips from the DVD

  Csaba Kelemen (Trumpet)

  Mac Gollehon (Trumpet)

  Keith Underwood (Flute)


  DISC 1
 Introduction - Master Superchops Embouchure
 3 Lessons with Jerome Callet
 6 Demonstrations (Trumpet, Trombone, French horn and Flute)
 Round Table Discussion
 Master Superchops Visual (DVD-ROM)
 Expanded Instructions – Discussion and Demonstration
1. Master Superchops Expanded Instructions
2. Exercises to Master Superchops (4 sheets music)
     Getting Started with Superchops
     Intermediate Superchops
     Advanced Superchops
     Daily Maintenance for Superchops
3. Pedal Tones for Master Superchops
     2 pages instruction, illustration and exercise sheet music
4. Q&A for Jerome Callet, “Mr. Superchops”
     19 pages interview by Dr. Kyle Schmeer
5. Biography
DISC 1: DVD video     DISC 2: DVD video/DVD-ROM
Region Code: Free (all regions) Dual Format
Picture Format: NTSC / Color
Audio Format: Dolby Digital
Running Time: DISC 1 - 62m
  DISC 2 - 90m plus 5 Instructional Texts (DVD-ROM)
$90.00 plus S+H ( USA: $7.00, outside of USA : $25.00 )
 New York State residents add $7.99 sales tax per DVD
 Shipped Priority Mail in U.S. and Priority Mail International outside of U.S.
Note: All DVD purchasers receive one free telephone lesson.
“Study the DVD, put my findings into practice, then call me so I can hear you play. I want you to play in the most correct and efficient manner possible” -Jerry

About Sound ~
In my lessons, there is nothing I stress more than “correct sound”. Before we can talk about personal preference we must learn the correct sound of a brass instrument. This is what guides proper development. The sound must be perfectly centered with natural brilliance and in tune! The DVD contains numerous examples of my students playing both before and after my corrections. Listen carefully to these examples and you should promptly hear the major improvements in focus, natural brilliance, and intonation. This is how an improved embouchure is recognized. Listen most carefully to the pitch as it falls flat on each tone before the embouchure corrections. This is the most telling sign that the existing embouchure is not right and must be formed more correctly. Once you get this in your ear you will be able to recognize the flaw on professional recordings too. Then, you will know whom to best pattern your sound after.
In making the DVD recordings I tried three different approaches. I recorded the sounds live in my teaching studio with no enhancement, live in teaching studio with enhancement, and live in a recording studio with enhancement. After careful study, I decided to use only the live sounds from my studio. Added reverb and other adjustments to the natural sound made it more difficult to hear what is really going on. The natural sound without external enhancement is the most accurate for training the ear. This is the sound I want all my students to learn.
Best to all, Jerome Callet

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